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Williams and Strohm Advantage

Advantage: a factor or circumstance that works to one’s benefit.

The Williams & Strohm Advantage

Selecting legal counsel is a decision that should be made carefully — with a full understanding of attorney qualifications and the firm’s approach. Our firm’s advantage is rooted in the following three key principles that keep us tightly focused and highly effective, which benefits every client.

Excelling in our core practice areas.

We are attorneys focused on our core practice areas and with what we do best – condominium and homeowner association law and the related challenges that come with these sectors of law. We also are committed to strengthening our local perspective and understanding ever-changing issues that impact our practice areas. By remaining focused and avoiding the temptation to be all things to all people, we provide the individual attention and cost-effective services that each client deserves.

Building meaningful relationships.

We strive to be more than your transactional legal representative – we desire to be your trusted counselor. We believe that a relationship built on trust and wise counsel is what defines our success – and the success of our clients.

Exceeding client expectations.

When legal issues arise, clients want answers fast. For that reason, we take responsiveness seriously. We are mindful of our client’s time, specific needs and budget – and we often find we can do more for less on behalf of our clients. Setting high expectations for client service – and then exceeding them – is integral to our approach.


A Reputation of Transparent Legal Counsel

We believe our biggest wins occur outside the courtroom and with little fanfare – and it is a proposition that most clients find attractive about our approach. It’s about doing what’s right and what’s in the best interest of the client. And it is what every client can expect when they retain us – proven legal professionals who have extraordinary subject matter knowledge and provide results-oriented counsel.

Further, we believe clients should be acutely aware that litigation can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Under certain circumstances, it also may be unavoidable. Our ability to successfully diffuse issues before they ever get to court, and litigating successfully when they do, is a hallmark of our firm.

Our legal fees are not only reasonable, they can be significantly less than those of larger firms, many of which do not specialize in the work we perform. We believe reasonably priced legal representation should be within every client’s reach.

Our honest and forthcoming approach has earned us a reputation that continues to make us a sought-after firm for exceptional yet accessible legal counsel.

We invite you to start a conversation with us to see how our practice can be leveraged to your benefit.