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Eviction of Tenants From Condominium Associations | Legal Insights Blog

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Eviction of Tenants From Condominium Associations

With the prolonged downturn in the economy and the high rates of foreclosures in Ohio and across the country, more and more condominium associations are finding increased pressure from unit owners to rent their units. This is occurring because either the owner is under economic pressure and needs to rent the unit to meet his financial obligations, or investors are finding a ready market for condominium units as rental property. In either case, rentals in the condominium association are increasing.

Understandably, association boards and owners have become alarmed over the increase in rentals, perceiving either rightly or wrongly that too many rentals decrease property values. Associations have dealt with this problem in a number of ways. In recent years it has been a trend for an association to restrict leasing by percentage of occupancy or by an outright ban of leasing altogether.

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Charles T. Williams

Charles T. Williams

Charles T. Williams (retired) is the firm’s founder. A native of Columbus, Ohio, and a veteran of the Vietnam war, Mr. Williams earned his law degree from Boston College Law School. During his years of providing legal counsel, he was widely recognized as one of Ohio’s foremost attorneys to practice homeowner association law and condominium law.