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Legal Insights Blog

Our blog and quarterly events addressing the issues affecting condo association and HOA boards.

Insights Blog

Your legal challenges may be unique to your association, but chances are we’ve successfully managed this issue many times over. Search our blog for issues of interest and plan to attend one of our free quarterly meetings where we discuss the most pressing issues facing association boards today. We’ll announce the dates and topics of Legal Insights Quarterly right here on our blog as well as the home page of our website.

Safeguarding Association Assets in Turbulent Financial Times

As George Bailey explained to the frightened citizens of Bedford the film It's A Wonderful Life, "The money's not here. Your money's in Joe's house, and the Kennedy's house and Mrs. Macklin's house and a hundred others." He might not have known it, but... Read More...

Adopting Enforceable Rules

Just as there is truth to the saying that "good fences make good neighbors," the same may be said about developing and maintaining reasonable and clear rules... Read More...

Be Aware of Property Fraud

Property fraud is sometimes called "deed fraud," "deed stealing" or "house stealing. Property fraud occurs when a fraudulent deed is... Read More...