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Our blog and quarterly events addressing the issues affecting condo association and HOA boards.

Topic: Board Meetings

Board Elections May Be Challenged

When a Board Member Challenges an Election, Board Stability Is Shaken
Most boards operate for years holding annual elections and seating new members without much trouble. Then, out of the blue a rowdy member challenges an election. Two members are competing for the same position and board stability is shaken.

Board members have fiduciary duties as well as other legal duties to the association

As new board members take their seats on their association's board of directors for 2018, it is important for all board members to fully understand their duties and responsibilities as board members. Read more about the duties board members are expected to fulfill including: making budgets, collecting assessments and maintaining common elements. Read More...

5 Common Myths About Annual Meetings

Spring is in the air and that means many HOA and condominium associations are holding annual meetings and elections.  Here are 5 common myths we hear from board members and managers. Read More...